Rob Landry: This charity succeeds

June 21, 2013 

This charity succeeds

The National Cancer Coalition was included in a June 19 news article questioning the fundraising activities of charities. We were mentioned alongside charities that routinely pay fundraisers up to 90 percent of the money raised and provide minimal assistance to the people they claim to serve. The National Cancer Coalition is far different.

We are completely transparent about our fundraising and put our resources to good use. In the past 10 years, the National Cancer Coalition has worked with major pharmaceutical companies to secure, donate and deliver more than $1 billion worth of medicine to patients in need around the world. These medicines are literally saving lives. Raising money is one of the greatest challenges facing non-profit organizations.

Historically, we have paid fundraisers an average of 33 percent of the money we raise. That’s a lot, but it’s a far cry from the practices of many charities highlighted in the article.

We have reduced the amount of money spent on fundraisers by 25 percent in recent years and are constantly striving to improve.

We value the financial support we receive and use our resources wisely. Every $1 we receive enables us to deliver $32 worth of medicine to patients.

Rob Landry

President and CEO, National Cancer Coalition


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