Bob and Susan McClanahan: Rural Center added jobs

June 21, 2013 

Rural Center added jobs

We read the misleading articles by J. Andrew Curliss about the N.C. Rural Center. The June 15 article said the center had “used millions in taxpayer money to help build fast-food restaurants, golf resorts, discount stores and big-box retail outlets.”

In fact, the Rural Center provided rural local governments with grant funds to build the water and sewer lines that would allow these jobs to locate there. Such jobs are necessary in those rural counties where as many as 25 percent of adults (over the age of 25) do not have a high school degree. The article also said that “It spent $85,000 to help an electronic sweepstakes software company outfit a building in Greenville.”

The Greenville local government had applied for a grant so that a vacant building could be re-used while providing jobs. I Obviously, local officials wanted this software company to locate in their community, and the Rural Center helped attain that goal. Your sensationalized and misleading articles add heat and little light.

Bob and Susan McClanahan, Chapel Hill

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