David A. Burgess: No comparison

June 21, 2013 

No comparison

Am I the only one who finds wry amusement in Gov. Pat McCrory’s song of praise for former Gov.James Holshouser?

Holshouser championed public education, McCrory is intent on privatizing it.

Holshouser created the UNC system, McCrory is starving it.

Holshouser supported environmental causes, McCrory is planning to give away our clean air and water to the highest bidder.

Holshouser supported rural healthcare, McCrory has denied Medicaid to thousands of North Carolinians.

Holshouser listened to the people, McCrory is listening only to the rich and powerful and is deaf to the “Moral Monday” voices.

Holshouser made North Carolina a prosperous and progressive state, McCrory is making the state a banana republic.

About the only thing that the two have in common is that they are or were Republicans. I suspect Holshouser would be a Democrat today.

David A. Burgess


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