Leonard Wilson: Quick justice

June 22, 2013 

Quick justice

Regarding the June 2 Point of View piece by State Personnel Director Neal Alexander saying a rewrite of the State Personnel Act is great news for state workers: He states, “It will cut out the bureaucratic paralysis and provide state employees – and citizens – with timely resolutions.”

I have long been under the impression that government employees are citizens, too, that we pay taxes like everyone else and are as dedicated to building a better North Carolina as anyone.

The writer also says that a new grievance process will speed up job-related appeals of those who work for government and that it will be an impartial panel perhaps favoring the people over politics.

That last statement reminds me of an amusing epitaph at the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Ariz., where justice in the Wild West days was quick. It reads, “Here lies George Johnson. Hanged by mistake. 1882. He was right. We was wrong. But we strung him up. And now he’s gone.”

Leonard Wilson


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