Karl Thor: Prevent lake pollution first

June 22, 2013 

Prevent pollution first

Clean, inexpensive, drinking water is a right for every N.C. resident. As a Cary resident, I am willing to pay my fair share to remove the pollutants that make Jordan Lake water unhealthy to drink; to have a lake that doesn’t require warning signs saying “Do not eat more than one fish per month”; to have a lake I can swim in without making my way through fish kills; and having my swimsuit dyed brown from the mud that gets washed in after a storm when construction rips out the ground cover that holds the topsoil in place.

But, I expect my neighbors to pay their fair share as well. In particular, I expect people who are making profits by polluting my water (especially out of state developers) to be completely responsible for removing everything they put in our water.

Studies are convincing that prevention of pollution is substantially less expensive than removing pollutants once they are in the water. As a fiscal conservative, it makes sense to stop the pollution now and subsequently the General Assembly can tweak rules to ensure fair distribution of the costs across the state, I could support that.

Karl Thor


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