June’s supermoon

June 22, 2013 

It would be difficult to argue that the full moon of June wasn’t especially designed for lovers and romantics, yet there is a lot more to be said of it. School is out, waters have warmed, the fish hungry and eager to bite, yellow flies are buzzing, and the days have not yet achieved their full afternoon goal of scorching heat. For now, the night air is invitingly sweet, perfumed with the aromas of greening grass, honeysuckle and rose.

The full moon of June has scheduled its onstage arrival for tonight, bringing us to behold its magic workings in a lovers’ world. It is a world where the melodious voices of nightingales and mockingbirds will be heard, in full voice, from out of the shadows, as they sing their hearts out in heavenly praises.

This evening, as the sun sinks low in the western sky, pulling on its red and purple blanket of the retiring day before disappearing for its evening nap, find a hilltop or high dune and look along the eastern horizon to see the awakening moon peering back at you with a magic light that reflects blue-white from homes and rooftops. This moon sparkles and shimmers across the dancing waters, washing a greening land in brilliance, as it lifts its silvered globe in silken splendor into the starry skies.

The full moon of June brings as yet unknown powers. Following its pre-ordained elliptical orbit, it has now moved to its closest point to earth. By some unknown magic, it also inspires various forms of life, such as oysters, to undertake their yearly spawning. More so, it’s magnetic attraction results in the building of some of the highest and lowest moon tides of the year, and the swiftest tidal currents, June’s moon is worthy of watching.

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