Mel L. Cohen: Rural Center’s positive impact

June 23, 2013 

Rural Center’s impact

In response to the two-article news series appearing about the North Carolina Rural Center in the News & Observer, there are two sides to every story.

The series pointed out the negatives of some projects that did not ultimately meet expectations; however, it neglected to point out successes with other grants awarded.

As a rural community, Burke County and several municipalities in the county have been the recipients of Rural Center grants. The center is a crucial part of our economic development efforts. We could not have supported the successful expansion of existing local industry without the partnership with the Rural Center.

l invite the reporter and anyone else to visit our community and see the successful projects that have led to over 600 new jobs announced in the past two years. While on your visit, l can arrange a discussion with those who were previously unemployed and now are gainfully employed.

Billy Ray Hall and his staff have made a tremendous impact on our rural community.

As mayor of Morganton, I am appreciative of the assistance we have received from the Rural Center.

Mel L. Cohen


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