Raleigh needs to ban plastic grocery bags

June 23, 2013 

Don’t get us wrong. We wouldn’t trade the relatively clear air of Raleigh for smog. And as bad as traffic is sometimes on I-40, it’s nothing compared to what Southern Californians call “the 5.”

So like we said. Don’t get us wrong, members of the Raleigh City Council, but there is one thing you can learn from Los Angeles. It just became the largest city in the country to ban plastic grocery bags. Please take this up and do it, council members.

Paper obviously is more environmentally friendly, but beyond that, there’s the “irritation intangible.” Really now, do people really prefer taking 15 or 16 plastic bags to the car instead of a couple of good, sturdy paper ones? The plastic bags are harder to recycle and are not biodegradable. How exactly did this happen?

There is enough plastic in the world, and if City Hall can cut down on some of it, it should happen, even if stores make a charge for paper. And there’s a way to avoid that: Buy some canvas and use it again and again.

C’mon now. The air and the water will appreciate it. And you don’t even have to drive on the 5.

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