Raleigh council forms a creative budget

June 23, 2013 

The Raleigh City Council is in need of commendation. That’s right. Not condemnation. Commendation. In a time when the state legislature, led by Republicans, is slashing and burning education and valuable services and cutting oversight of the environment and talking endlessly about a “broken government,” the council’s latest budget demonstrates enlightenment and progress.

It’s also the last budget for the departing city manager, Russell Allen, who has done a good job for a dozen years and was summarily dismissed by the council recently. That’s going to be a decision questioned for a while, and this budget is an example of Allen and the council working well together.

In the budget there is money for various arts groups. The council’s also going for six months of increased bus service, a long-range growth plan for the Cameron Village area (needed because of additional building), $45,000 for an anti-speeding campaign, funding to connect a neighborhood in Northeast Raleigh to the Neuse River Greenway and a few bucks for a Veterans Day parade.

These are things cities should do, but many do not do. Council members have earned credit and so has Allen.

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