Law enforcement opposes Senate gun bill

June 23, 2013 

So when contemplating the issue of gun regulation and public safety, two things that do go together despite what the overbearing gun lobby says, who has more credibility -- the lobbyists or law enforcement? We’ll vote with the police and the sheriffs.

And on a sweeping gun bill approved by the state Senate, they vote no. The bill is in the House Rules Committee, which is a good place for it to hibernate. Say, forever.

The state police chiefs and sheriffs associations oppose the bill. The police group doesn’t believe concealed weapons permit holders should be allowed to carry their weapons into places that serve alcohol or on school and college campuses. They’re also against one of the most foolish ideas in recent memory, eliminating the state’s pistol permit requirement. Supporters say federal rules are enough.

But police chiefs and sheriffs (the sheriffs issue the permits) say ending the permit requirement will rob the state of a valuable safeguard that won’t be covered in federal rules. They are absolutely, positively right, and this gun bill is more extreme and now dangerous silliness from Republican legislators bowing to an intimidating gun lobby at the peril of their constituents.

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