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No ‘morality’ to protesters

June 23, 2013 

The latest claims from the liberal “Moral Monday” protesters assert some type of righteousness, and that God is on the side of the protesters. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

North Carolina Republicans have charged, with evidence, that the protests are manufactured and fueled by folks who do not reside in North Carolina. Morality comes to question as the North Carolina Democratic Party has fully aligned with the protests. Just this past September in Charlotte the Democrats actually “booed” as their party reinstated God language into its own platform. The Democratic Party has lost all credibility through multiple scandals and decades of corruption.

Authenticity comes to question as NAACP chapter president Rev. William Barber stated “We have people here from as far away as New York, California and Florida.” Arrestee and Duke University professor Dr. Timothy Tyson said, “People are coming from all over the state, even different parts of the country.” Service Employees International Union President George Gresham (of N.Y.) said, “We need this fight in the whole country, and if we’re going to begin in North Carolina, so be it.” Dana Cope, executive director of SEANC is on the record via Twitter admitting “Advancement Project from DC is organizing ppl (sic) to attend from outside NC & handling press.”

The North Carolina Republican Party supports peaceful and lawful demonstrations as guaranteed by our Constitution. However, deliberately breaking the law, preventing the business of state government to proceed, and proclaiming to have God’s favor in the process is wrong. These pre-planned arrests are manufactured by out-of-state interests and have cost the taxpayers over $50,000 and counting.

North Carolina Republicans demonstrated one of the most successful government protests in the history of our great state. In 2012, Republicans and supporters organized mass peaceful protests of nearly 2.5 million people at over 3,000 polling locations to reverse decades of Democratic corruption, cronyism and wasteful spending. These protests are blocking the will of the people who played by the rules, went to the polls and voted in our free democracy. Our Republican leadership is focused on bringing people out of poverty and into jobs.

The writer is the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

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