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Dome: Jim Cain coy on Senate aspirations

Staff writersJune 24, 2013 

Jim Cain, former ambassador to Denmark, would not confirm or deny his rumored candidacy for the GOP nomination to oppose Democrat Kay Hagan for her U.S. Senate seat in 2014 after a speech Monday to the Rotary Club of Raleigh.

Cain, also a former president and CEO of the Carolina Hurricanes, first answered with a “no comment,” but continued: “At some point in life I will get back into public service, but whether the Senate race in 2014 is the right time and opportunity or not at this point, I don’t know. I’ll just say there are many who are encouraging us to run.”

During the informal speech, Cain said the United States must promote its entrepreneurial spirit throughout the rest of this “small world.” The U.S. isn’t better than other countries, he said, it’s just different. In his world travels, Cain said he’s heard dozens of people refer to the United States as the “land of opportunities,” a moniker he hopes the country will work toward preserving.

The next stop for Cain is London, where he’ll work on connecting several Danish companies with Asia, the Middle East and Latin America – regions he calls the “surging markets.”

“I’ve spent my time since I left the diplomatic world trying to focus on where the growth in the world is, because where the growth is creates great opportunity for U.S. companies and European companies,” he said.

Cooper defends gun permits

Getting rid of handgun permits will mean that more criminals, domestic abusers and mentally ill people will be able to buy guns, State Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a letter to N.C. House members.

The legislature is considering a bill that would get rid of the law requiring a permit from a sheriff to buy a handgun.

House Bill 937 has ping-ponged between the House and Senate. The Senate added the provision eliminating pistol permits and sent the bill back to the House.

“While federal background checks apply to those purchasing handguns and other weapons from federally licensed gun dealers, the pistol permit program applies to all individual buyers at gun shows or anywhere else. Therefore, eliminating pistol permit background checks means more criminals, domestic abusers and the mentally ill can legally buy handguns,” Cooper wrote in a memo to all House members.

Sheriffs check applicants for citizenship, felony or domestic violence convictions, court judgments of mental incompetence or drug abuse and commitment to a mental institution.

The N.C. Sheriffs’ Association and N.C. Association of Chiefs of Police also oppose the permit provision.

The Senate also expanded the bill to allow people with concealed-carry permits to bring guns to any public school campus.

Cowell wants birthday cash

State Treasurer Janet Cowell, one of the few Democrats in a position of power, is using her birthday next month to raise money for her campaign coffers. The top sponsorship level is $1,000 – making it likely special interests and serious donors will be the ones hosting her birthday party. Individual tickets for the July 16 event at Sitti restaurant in Raleigh cost $50.

Staff writers Annalise Frank, Lynn Bonner and John Frank

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