Dennis Debord: No need for more speed

June 24, 2013 

The road less traveled

Regarding the new 70 mph speed limit on a section of I-540: I am amazed at the efficiency of the DOT and its ability to raise the speed limit on a highway section that is crowded and not on sections that have very little traffic.

A DOT survey determined that the speed limit could be raised, but for some reason, after traveling this section of I-540 for some time, this limit is hard to maintain during rush-hour traffic. Also while driving the toll section, which has a 65 mph limit, I find myself traveling almost alone sometimes during rush hour.

Who performed this analysis? I guess the analysis also discovered that school buses are on I-540 during this time, running well below the speed limit, which contributes even more to the congestion.

Any agency would easily have seen the difference in a heavily traveled section of highway vs. a lesser traveled section and granted the higher speed limit to the correct section. Oh, I forgot, I did mention the DOT.

Dennis Debord


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