Robert L. Porreca: Extreme nose-thumbing

June 24, 2013 

Extreme nose-thumbing

Regarding the June 18 article “G-8 summit exposes rift over Syria”: Poor President Obama. Now that he has that post-election flexibility that he promised Vlad Putin’s hand-picked-place-holder Dmitry Medvedev, he finds no one wants to play by his rules. Instead, Putin gave him a Mideastern noogie by flexing Russian military muscle in the Mediterranean in support of the nose-thumbing ruthless dictator Bashir Assad.

Hoisted by his own thoughtless rhetoric, Obama now must pretend (we can only hope he is pretending) to believe that Russia is serious about getting Assad to talk about stepping down, just when his army and allied terrorists are whipping the rebels. Now, China and Russia have together delivered a serious diplomatic in-your-face by moving the delusional and narcissistic Edward Snowden to Russia and points beyond to be named later.

Still, Obama blusters and waves his finger without seeming to notice no one with any real decision-making power throughout the world is paying the least attention to him. His latest vapid pronouncements about lowering the number of nuclear warheads is surely going to lead to the ultimate atomic wedgie. The man can’t get any respect.

Robert L. Porreca


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