Samuel L. Edwards: Humility needed

June 25, 2013 

Humility needed

The June 12 editorial “A faithful protest” asserted that clergy presence at these protests “refutes claims that the protesters are extremists and not reflective of the state.”

It does no such thing. From personal experience as a member of the clergy, I can assure you that mere membership in the clerical estate provides no immunization against either extremism or opposition to the consensus of political communities. Indeed, in the case of some, such membership seems to reinforce a tendency to extremism.

I can also attest that the mere fact that people “regularly speak to” the Creator provides no assurance they pause long enough to listen to what he might be saying to them – which may be no more to their liking than what they imagine he would say to the members of General Assembly is to them.

A little humility might be in order of the kind that is produced by reflection on the biblical strictures against those who prophesy in the Lord’s name when he did not send them, not to mention the realization that a tendency to self-righteousness pomposity is hardly confined to the political right.

Samuel L. Edwards


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