Isaac T. Littleton: Governor no progressive

June 25, 2013 

ISO progressives

Thanks to former UNC-CH Chancellor Paul Hardin for pointing out in a recent letter that modern Republican Govs. Jim Martin and James Holshouser were bipartisan, progressive governors who moved the state forward in higher education and public school education. They also helped improve the quality of life of North Carolina residents.

They were a sharp contrast to our current Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, who seems to be a puppet for right-wing moneyed interests such as ALEC and the Koch brothers. He seems to want to privatize public school education by cutting funding for public schools and supporting vouchers for private schools. He supports cutting funds for the poor and the disabled by rejecting Medicaid and by cutting funds for the unemployed. How did we get a governor who calls Moral Monday protesters “outsiders” when he must know that they are North Carolina residents who are concerned that he and his administration are taking the state backward instead of forward?

Are there no more progressive Republican leaders like Govs. Martin and Holshouser?

Isaac T. Littleton


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