Steven D. Mullinix: Weapons’ purpose: to kill

June 25, 2013 

Purpose: to kill

Our legislature voted to allow guns on playgrounds and at parades, bars, restaurants and public college campuses – even against strong statements by university presidents and business owners.

Legislators apparently do not understand the honor and responsibility of being entrusted with a firearm.

When I was in ROTC in the late 1960s at N.C. State, we had access to our rifles only when we used them in training or were cleaning them. The weapons were tightly controlled and monitored, and they were called weapons – anyone calling their rifle a gun filled the room with jokes and laughter.

Later, as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, I had my 45 pistol on my belt, and our Huey had both M-60 and 50-caliber machine guns, which were fired to protect the troops let off at the landing zone or to keep away snipers at night when we did medical evacuations. Weapons were for a purpose: to kill the enemy. A weapon is not a symbol of patriotism or manhood. It is not a toy. We are patriots when we vote and when we answer the call to serve.

Steven D. Mullinix

Chapel Hill

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