Theresa Wilson Moore: ‘McCronyism’ spreading

June 26, 2013 

‘McCronyism’ spreading

Regarding the June 15 article “Political appointees’ files should be open”: So now Gov. Pat McCrory wants to increase the number of political appointees from the 1,000 limit just recently raised by the Republicans in the legislature from the 400 limit under previous Gov. Bev Perdue to a whopping 1,500!

I thought the major mantra for the GOP was to make our state government smaller, not larger, but when it comes to what will best serve the GOP’s insatiable lust for power, it seems to forget any little detail that might conflict with the latest whims of this irresponsible and irrational group of legislators.

Opening the hiring records of the recipients of these appointee jobs for public access (their resumes, applications and references, for starters) is the least that the governor and his legislature can do to help avoid abuse of the system and conflicts of interest and help prevent incompetent or less-than-honest employees from staying in public positions paid by our taxes.

Theresa Wilson Moore


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