David M. Schmidt: No tax is fair

June 26, 2013 

No tax is fair

Complaining about the “unfairness” of taxing owners of electric and hybrid cars misses the point (“Fair shares,” June 1 letter). Taxes are not about fairness; they are about who has money and how greedy politicians can get their hands on it.

Politicians have figured out that people who buy electric and hybrid cars generally have a larger than average income, and they want a cut. They also realize that owners of electric and hybrid vehicles are a minority and thus likely cannot muster enough votes to defend themselves against the depredations of the government.

People who object to being extorted because they chose to buy an expensive, environmentally correct car may wish to devote their energies to protesting all taxes, not merely the ones that victimize them. Otherwise, they will continue to be taken for a ride by grasping politicians.

David M. Schmidt


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