Michael Savitt: A ruined rep

June 26, 2013 

A ruined rep

Legislators have ignored Moral Monday protesters, thoughtful editorials and expert information all with good reason. Due to gerrymandering, they are confident that their elected seats are safe despite their extreme agenda. No doubt they also believe that the nationwide negative publicity about North Carolina is meaningless.

Not so fast. Nearly 40 years ago, I was working in Boston. I was recruited for a job in RTP, but my wife and I had never visited the South. Our perception was that all Southern states had poor schools, little culture, mediocre health care and people who distrusted “outsiders” so I turned down the offer.

The job was left open to me, and over the next two years we learned that North Carolina was very different from other Southern states. We moved here in 1978, and we have never regretted that decision.

Lately I have been thinking of families with elementary school-age children, as we were, who may be considering a move to North Carolina. When they learn about legislative attacks on education, health care, the poor, the environment and the middle class, I’m afraid their decision will be different from ours.

Michael Savitt


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