Jerry DeWitt: Low-tax truths

June 27, 2013 

Low-tax truths

A June 21 letter-writer implied that North Carolina would be much better served and “industry-attractive” if employees did not pay “higher personal taxes” and if corporate taxes were eliminated. Industry would flock to us! Just emulate those model states – like South Dakota?

Look at its attractiveness to industry. Growth in Elk Point, Jefferson and North Sioux City (you have heard of them, right?) is phenomenal! Industry might have legally located in South Dakota, but general family needs such as food, dining options, medical supplies, farm supplies, churches, entertainment, shopping and recreation are pretty well-serviced and provided just a few miles away by the nearby city of – Sioux City, Iowa, and its residents.

So the infrastructure, service costs and tax burdens go to nearby Iowa; the perks go to industry and its stockholders. If you still think such states are really attractive deals, the top of your list for work, job relocation and retirement living should be South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska or Arkansas.

We chose to move to North Carolina, pay our fair share and not relocate to one of these “low-tax” states so attractive to the caring corporate world.

Jerry DeWitt

Holly Springs

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