Rick Poillon: Unconscionable

June 27, 2013 


The state of politics in North Carolina has reached absurd levels. I am a fiscal conservative who helped vote Republicans into office – an action I now regret. Not because of my own beliefs but because of the actions of the current office-holders. It seems that common sense has left the building and absurdity now has a seat. They are acting like school kids who have been locked out of the playground and, now that they are allowed in, they have chosen not to improve the facility but to destroy it.

The issue that has pushed me over the edge is your June 26 article on fracking. I happen to think it should be explored. However, before all the facts are in, the Republicans are pushing legislation to allow contractors not to disclose the chemicals they use under the guise of “trade secrets.” Seriously?

When it comes to preserving our aquifers, knowing what chemicals are being injected is paramount. Saying that “if there’s a problem” they would have to identify the chemicals after a potential disaster is unconscionable.

I don’t care what your party affiliations are – if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Do something about it!

Rick Poillon

Atlantic Beach

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