Kathryn Watson Quigg: Avoiding ‘what if’

June 27, 2013 

Avoiding ‘what if’

Every morning I sit on my deck to eat breakfast surrounded by lush green trees and flowering bushes. I breathe in the oxygen created by the North Carolina green that is prevalent throughout our great state.

I read about fracking, the limited jobs it provides, the destruction it creates in the environment and the greed that permeates this discussion. I think about places like Butte, Montana, which were wealthy, bustling economies 50 years ago with no restrictions on toxic waste. I now see a barren wasteland caused by mining with no controls on the effects on the land and an economy that no longer thrives.

Human nature is the same. If there were no government regulations, we would still have children working long hours at minimal wages. There must be honest discussion of the harm fracking can cause.

It is only after this kind of examination and careful regulation that our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunities I now enjoy.

Kathryn Watson Quigg

Former chair, Wake County Board of Education

Wake Forest

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