Richard Hayes: Clear picture

June 28, 2013 

Clear picture

Your June 25 article “Panel OK with fracking secrets” described what is going on clearly enough to those who see clearly enough: It is nothing more than the political game of “good cop-bad cop” between the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission and the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources.

Anyone who knows the players at the table should also know what big oil and gas influence and money are up to. The pain to be felt will be that thrust upon the average, unknowing citizen once fracking ramps up near Jordan Lake, next to Shearon-Harris nuclear plant, on Deep River and across bucolic Chatham, Lee and Moore counties.

The pain to be felt will be seen, heard and smelled from environmental degradation of our land, air and water coming our way in a hurry if and when things go wrong – and they will – as they usually do with big oil and gas. These chemicals used and trade secrets guarded by big oil and gas in fracking are dangerous to our health.

Richard Hayes


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