Marvin Woll: Outrageous secrets

June 28, 2013 

Outrageous secrets

In regard to the article “Panel OK with fracking secrets,” we see that a Senate committee would allow drilling companies to withhold information on toxic chemicals used in the drilling process. This is simply outrageous!

Clearly the campaign coffers of these senators are more important than the health and well-being of North Carolina residents. This drilling will take place around Jordan Lake, which provides drinking water to 300,000 people. Do we really want these chemical compounds used anywhere near this lake?

This bill would remove the geologist from the Mining and Energy Commission and allow the storage of fracking water underground. Hopefully, the conference committee will use basic common sense and make sure a highly qualified geologist does serve on the commission.

North Carolina has banned underground storage of chemical water for over 40 years. This ban should be kept in place.

For the sake of future generations we must have clean water supplies. Sustaining clean water must be the most important goal of our legislators. The rush to frack must not supersede this goal.

Marvin Woll


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