Kenneth J. Fortier: The abortion division

June 28, 2013 

The abortion division

Regarding the June 22 Point of View “Pro-life bills take the moral path in NC”: Abortion is a topic with differing, heartfelt convictions among well-intentioned people. However, it is inaccurate to assert, as the writer did, that choice supporters are “totally out of step with the majority” in North Carolina. An Elon poll in April noted 47 percent vs. 42 percent favoring state laws making “access to an abortion” “less difficult” or “about the same” vs. “more difficult,” yet the writer incorrectly contended that those gathering peacefully to support current N.C. law represent a “small minority” who “push their own version of morality” by opposing bills that invade the privacy of doctor-patient interaction.

The interests and moral judgment of any group should never supersede the right of an individual citizen to freely make this intimate decision whose morals and ethics elude consensus among honest people. “Choice” is not a dirty word. Without it, we subvert the soul of real democracy.

I am an ob/gyn physician who did not perform abortions out of conviction and choice, but I counseled and assisted patients making the difficult decision to seek one.

Kenneth J. Fortier, M.D.


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