Amy Lee: Forward board

June 28, 2013 

Forward board

Regarding your June 27 article “Schools may use lunch data”: Here we go again, and by that I mean The N&O’s fanning the flames to stir controversy. By creating a story based on a single letter from the USDA, you missed the mark.

The current Board of Education has moved forward, not backward, on the long-contentious issue of student assignment in Wake County public schools. It has designed a thoughtful assignment policy that is led by student achievement and balanced with stability, proximity and utilization, all sound principles. There has been no micromanaging, which was seen in past boards, including the one led by your favorite source, Ron Margiotta.

Now you are trying to fan the flames of the past policies, ignoring all the comprehensive progress this board has made in the past 18 months.

This Board of Education has shown great thoughtfulness in assignment, correcting the costly countywide Choice Plan, which added 10,000 extra miles to bus routes and triggered chaos. This board has listened to parents and provided support to teachers. I trust these board members to find a third way to stabilize assignment in the county, not by going back to past reassignments and also not by creating high poverty schools.

Amy Lee


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