Linda Donnelly: Protest principles

June 29, 2013 

Protest principles

In his June 23 opinion piece “No ‘morality’ in pesky protesters,” Claude Pope Jr. states that the “Moral Monday” protesters do not have good morals on their side. He makes several points. First, he says N.C. Republicans have charged “with evidence” that the protests are manufactured by outsiders. He declines to offer this “evidence.”

Second, the Democratic Party might have restored what he calls “God language” to the party platform, and some Democrats (not “the” Democrats, as he asserts) might have booed this decision.

Surely Pope can recognize that morality is not limited to his or any version of religion. The principles espoused in the protests are varied and based on efforts of our N.C. Republican government to dismantle public education, hand over government functions including education to private concerns operating for profit and disregard the needs of the poor, the disadvantaged, the sick and those in prison. Morality and religion require us to care properly for these people in our society.

The protesters are exercising their constitutional rights. The Republicans won, but they don’t own the state (yet). We must protect our state from their takeover bid.

Linda Donnelly


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