Jeff Hamilton: A Chinese flavor

June 29, 2013 

Chinese flavor

I want to thank Claude Pope, the chairman of the N.C. Republican Party, for his June 23 opinion. It demonstrated the party’s break from reality.

This nation and its freedoms would not exist without real protest.

Power corrupts. The Democrats got in trouble because they held it for so long. But Republican insistence on locking down one-party rule guarantees their involvement in corruption and cronyism. It is happening already, despite their claims of moral superiority.

Out-of-state influence happens. Pope complains about non-native protesters while taking direction, money and legislation from national conservative and corporate organizations.

We all know about the blind faith and Puritanism of the Republicans. This insistence on the tranquility of the state and the attempt to reshape the thoughts and character of the population look more like Chinese communism than American democracy.

Republicans need to look in the mirror. Meanwhile, we unruly Tar Heels are not going to take the looting and dismantling of our great state calmly.

Jeff Hamilton


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