Bruce Vukoson: Useless rant

June 29, 2013 

Useless rant

Claude Pope’s June 23 rant as the chair of the N.C. Republican Party would have been better served if he had offered a justification for why North Carolina is the only state to cut off unemployment benefits and why “fixing” Medicaid couldn’t include adding a half million of our state’s neediest to the rolls. The money being refused is ours, and the more than a thousand private sector jobs that will not be created cannot help our unemployment rate.

How is severely underfunding education at all levels a boon to development?

These are issues that he should be addressing. This isn’t about liberal or conservative – it’s about doing what is best for all of our people. As for being duly elected, I don’t recall a single representative campaigning on what they are now doing.

Bruce Vukoson

Chapel Hill

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