Mike Strohmeyer: Retro health care

June 30, 2013 

Retro health care

According to CEO Bill Atkinson in the June 18 article “WakeMed partners with physicians,” “It’s about 50 years late to be doing something like this.” As a matter of fact, we were already doing something like this.

My family doctor, “Doc Jackson,” took care of minor stuff in his one-man office. His file was my medical record, and it included test results, surgical reports and all manner of other information that somehow just seemed magically to show up there. If my condition was beyond his training, he referred me to an appropriate specialist. If I needed hospitalization, he was my case manager; he consulted with specialists, visited me daily and called my mom regularly to check up on me at home. The hospital’s job was to provide a bed and nursing care and nutrition.

So now if I’m hospitalized, “Dr. Bob,” who works for some physician conglomerate, will be my go-to guy, at least until WakeMed discharges me completely. He might just keep informed the guy who has been designated as my family doctor by an insurance company. Wonder if he’ll call my mom.

How is this different from what we were doing 50 years ago, except for the expense and red tape?

Mike Strohmeyer


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