Slower, at least

June 30, 2013 

Just when we thought a Senate bill to allow the raising of the speed limit on some highways to 75 miles an hour had been, as is the case with buckets of bolts, consigned to the parts yard, some shade tree mechanics in the legislature started it up again. Now, with agreement by the full House and Senate, the state Department of Transportation will conduct a study as to whether the state should pick sections of freeways where speed limits could be raised.

Here’s an idea for DOT: Don’t put this study on the ol’ front burner. It’s pretty clear from the meandering path the bill has taken that some Republicans and Democrats justifiably have cold feet about this idea. So it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if, say, DOT engineers studied this for, oh, six or eight years. And then, maybe some cooler heads and lighter pedal-pushers in the General Assembly could perhaps suggest a follow-up study for another few years, and ... you get the idea.

North Carolina roadways are fast enough. And too many people on them are even faster.

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