Sandy Durso: A vital role

July 1, 2013 

A vital role

Regarding moves to eliminate teacher assistants: I was a media/teacher assistant for two years. Besides car pool, bus duty, lunch duty and fire drills, we tend to bloody noses, lost teeth, accidents and illness.

The children are the highlight. Providing individual attention is crucial.

We boost confidence, encourage a passion for learning, direct them when confused and translate English.

My presence enabled the library to be open daily. Books were circulated, books repaired, new books cataloged, inventory organized and teachers and students helped researching topics to enhance learning and teaching.

My position was a Terminating Contract – no promise to be rehired, no matter how valuable I was.

It is hard to feel dedicated under those circumstances, hard to find summer employment and hard to be a contributing member of this economy with no job security.

I invite the decision-makers to spend a day in an elementary school to see the true value of education and what helps the children most.

Please keep teacher assistants and don’t terminate them annually.

Sandy Durso


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