Dennis P. Iavarone: California bound

July 1, 2013 

California bound

When I was entering college in the 1970s, California was considered to have the best education system in the United States, especially its university system. But in the mid-’60s, Gov. Ronald Reagan cut funding, and Proposition 13 was passed, which was directly responsible for cutting education funding in K-12 schools.

When I moved my family from the Northeast to North Carolina in 1993, the main factor was the K-12 school system and the outstanding state universities as my children were in middle school. Now our governor, who we thought understood that a “pro-business” state means the education system is the foundation that business is built on, and our legislature are in the process of making us the next California.

Teachers have received a 0.5 percent pay raise in the last five years. What parent would not want a child taught by a teacher with a master’s degree? But why would my son-in-law with two young children want to sacrifice the time away from them (never mind the $6,000 cost) to earn a master’s degree so that he can continue to grow as a teacher?

Unappreciated teachers either leave the profession or move to a state that appreciates them.

Dennis P. Iavarone


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