Pat Nichols: Dog’s death avoidable

July 1, 2013 

Dog’s death avoidable

It was with great sadness I read about the death of Worthy, the service dog who died recently after being left in a car for two hours with the windows rolled up (“Police investigating service dog’s death” June 30).

His death would be a tragedy no matter what the circumstances, but these particular circumstances are especially perplexing.

A woman who works with service dogs leaves him in a car with the windows rolled up for two hours on a sunny June day.

There is no excuse that would make sense given her position. Every summer, children and dogs die after being left in hot cars.

Worthy suffered terribly, both in the car and in the remaining hours of his life.

If someone who directs a program training service dogs doesn’t know any better, how can she educate the people who obtain a dog from EENP?

I am a dog owner, lover and rescuer.

There is no way I would ever leave a dog in a car on a hot day for any length of time.

What a beautiful sweet boy, such a tragic waste of his life.

Pat Nichols

N.C. Sporting Dog Rescue


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