Karl Gaskins: Tired of ‘tradition’

July 2, 2013 

Tired of ‘tradition’

I always read John Rosemond’s column with interest and usually in agreement. I got almost through his June 25 piece, nodding my head as usual, when I collided with his assertion that the disintegration of traditional parenting threatens the survival of the culture.

Our federal and my state government are being run by middle-aged and older white men who, by and large, were reared by those “traditional” standards, where the parents were authority figures who did not negotiate. Is this why our politicians are “traditionally” authoritarian and noncompromising in their methods? I think it is their actions that threaten the survival of our culture, that of personal freedom and mutual respect and helpful creativity, which we have worked so hard to establish and nourish .

I have just entered my eighth decade. All five decades I’ve been an adult, I’ve been amazed at how hard a lot of these middle aged and older white men have worked to keep this country from moving forward – and gotten away with it. Right now they are in the ascendancy and are bent on moving the U.S. and N.C. backward. I’m hanging on, hoping to live to enjoy government without “traditional” politicians.

Karl Gaskins


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