Rob Sharer: Holding misguided

July 2, 2013 

Holding misguided

I have been waiting for someone to say what U.S. Rep. George Holding did, in his recent letter to the editor, about President Obama’s current trip to Africa. Not because I agree, mind, but because I was certain there was no way the right could resist such an easy shot at their favorite target. Easy, yes, but so far off the mark that it appears to have hit Holding in the foot instead.

Holding would have Obama spend the money from his Africa trip on teacher salaries instead. I would point out that it isn’t Presidential travel that is hurting teachers; rather, it is the Republican Party’s relentless war on education and educators that has resulted in salary and position cuts.

Did I mention war? Where was Holding’s outrage when President Bush was sending that little excursion to Iraq, at a cost way higher than $100 million? Obviously that kind of foreign policy jaunt is exempt from financial scrutiny. Meanwhile, while we were wasting blood and treasure over there, China was engaging with Africa, leaving us scrambling to catch up in the post-Iraq era.

Obama has his priorities in order. Holding? Not so much.

Rob Sharer


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