Ruth Ann Grimes: Celebrate Carson’s achievements

July 4, 2013 

Celebrate Carson

I had to read Barry Saunders’ June 25 column, “Carson comes to Raleigh,” twice because it was so unbelievable.

Instead of writing a column to show Dr. Ben Carson as a positive role model to anyone of any race, but especially to those in the African-American community, Saunders chose to depict him as a hypocrite. Saunders states that Carson's family received government assistance when he was growing up but yet “leaves out the part government played in his success.”

Carson is a success story that apparently some in the African-American community do not wish to hear. Everyone who receives “government assistance” is given the same opportunities to succeed in life as Carson, but some have chosen a much different path, finding it easier to be dependent on others rather than trying to overcome their circumstances.

Dr. Ben Carson became a renowned pediatric brain surgeon – celebrate that, for goodness’ sake!

Ruth Ann Grimes


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