Mayela Harris: Insensitivity to deceased

July 5, 2013 

Insensitivity to deceased

In response to the June 28 column “Habit-health disconnect” by Froma Harrop: I was mortified by her lack of sensitivity. James Gandolfini’s funeral was held just recently, and I am astounded by her sweeping generalizations and assumptions regarding this man’s life and health choices soon after he was laid to rest.

Based on the way she wrote the article, she must be a close acquaintance to speak so pragmatically about the choices he made in his life, his “orgy lifestyle of careless eating and drinking” and the medical care he sought. I cannot begin to imagine how his family would react after reading this article as I was devastated by her judgmental tone.

Yes, obesity is a problem in our society and perhaps some people cannot be helped, but her lack of compassion and professionalism in using this brilliant actor’s notoriety to boost her viewership is appalling. I mourn the loss of this brilliant artist as much as I mourn the loss of decorum and sensitivity in journalism.

I hope no one speaks as ill of Harrop at her death in print or private as no one deserves to be referenced in this way.

Mayela Harris


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