Sharon Kanter: Right-wing irony

July 6, 2013 

Right-wing irony

I am as outraged as thousands of other North Carolina women of at the assault by the General Assembly on our health. But am I alone in seeing the irony of how they sneaked this scurrilous amendment into a law of the Old North State?

They appended this cold-blooded attack on women to an openly submitted and debated law banning Sharia law in North Carolina’s family courts – a bill that was, by the GOP’s account, intended to prevent extreme fundamentalist application of law in our courts. But the amendment is exactly that: an extreme right-wing fundamentalist attempt to push women back into the back-alley butchery that prevailed 50 years ago for those seeking abortions.

I have a news flash for the majority in the General Assembly: We won’t go back into those alleys. But we will go to the polls and vote.

Did I say it’s ironic? I neglected to mention its hypocrisy.

Sharon Kanter


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