Ann Y. Barnes: No concern for women

July 6, 2013 

No concern for women

Regarding the July 4 news article “Senate OKs abortion rules”: Republican state senators would have us believe that they acted to protect women’s health and safety.

Their past actions, however, tell a far different story.

Where was their concern for women’s health when these senators and their fellow Republicans in the House refused to expand Medicaid benefits that would provide vital medical care for more than half a million N.C. families who live in poverty?

Where was their concern when they voted to drastically reduce the federal unemployment funds, free to our state for three years, that struggling breadwinners, many of whom are women, need to put food on the table?

Why do these lawmakers oppose salary increases on the minimum wage-level jobs held by many female workers?

The abortion bill was the latest effort by the Republican majority to rush into law, by any means possible, a part of their agenda they knew could not bear careful scrutiny or thoughtful discussion in the light of day.

To portray this bill as a measure that protects women’s health is an insult to every woman in this state.

Ann Y. Barnes


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