Amy Csorba: ‘Medically unsound’ bill

July 6, 2013 

Medically unsound bill

House Bill 695 is medically unsound and inhumane. As a family physician, I have seen many girls and women devastated by unintended pregnancies. I will never forget an 11-year-old with abdominal pain in a Wake ER. She and her mother were shocked to learn she was 16 weeks pregnant. This rape victim gave birth at age 12 because her parents could not afford a late-term abortion.

This bill is particularly appalling to me because it is medically unsound. Specifically:

•  Expecting abortion providers to meet the same standards as outpatient surgical centers is not medically supported. Colonoscopy has 3 to 300 times the risk of death as abortion. Colonoscopy clinics are not held to these standards.

• Having an abortion provider present throughout the procedure for a medical abortion – which consists of taking two pills at different times – is not medically justified. The risk of serious complications is less than 0.5 percent. The risk of complications from penicillin is about 10 percent. No one advocates that patients stay with a doctor for every dose of their penicillin prescription.

• H.B. 695 will delay abortions, leading to more dangerous, more expensive methods later in pregnancies resulting in more complications.

Amy Csorba, M.D.


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