Karey Harwood: A cowardly way to govern

July 6, 2013 

Senate cowardice

So in their latest dirty trick, members of the N.C. General Assembly have forced their right-wing agenda on the people of North Carolina without advance warning and without adequate debate (“Senate votes to curb abortion,” July 3 news article). The surprise measure would require doctors who provide abortions to have transfer agreements at local hospitals.

This proposed regulation of abortion is an example of a TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) bill. TRAP bills are flagrantly disingenuous measures that claim on the surface to be protecting women’s health but deliberately aim to limit or eliminate women’s access to abortion. They have been a very effective weapon of right-wing, anti-choice activists in many states around the country.

When abortion clinics are unable to comply with the arbitrary and irrelevant requirements, they are forced to shut their doors. The moral and legal illegitimacy of the Senate’s imposition of this new regulation is matched only by the sheer cowardice of how they are choosing to govern.

Karey Harwood


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