Gertrude Kappel: ‘Bad old days’ again

July 6, 2013 

Back to ‘bad old days’

I was a college student in Massachusetts in the early 1960s. At that time, neither abortions nor birth control was legal in that state.

However, all but the most naive of us knew where either could be obtained. Abortions for the more well-off involved a trip to Sweden. This was expensive, but the procedure was done in a safe and sanitary environment by trained physicians.

For those who could not afford that option, it was a very scary trip to a shady abortionist. These operators often maimed and sometimes killed their customers.

With the Roe v. Wade decision, I thought those days were gone. I was wrong.

Under the sanctimonious cover of “safety for the woman,” our elected politicians are bringing back those bad old days. If they think this legislation is a back-door way to stop abortions, they are mistaken. Desperate women will obtain them. And unqualified, unprincipled people will profit from their desperation.

Gertrude Kappel


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