Jeff Langenderfer: Blatant attack on poor

July 6, 2013 

A blatant attack

I read with dismay the news that the N.C. Senate had passed a series of abortion restrictions that seem certain to become law in this era of conservative domination of our state government (“Senate OKs abortion rules,” July 4 news story).

I guess it’s not surprising given the hostility of the legislature and governor to the state’s less fortunate citizens. It’s also not surprising that a legislature that shows such callous disregard for people unlike themselves is adding yet another burden to the lives of the poor, safe in the knowledge that they will never be affected by their own legislation.

Like so many recent laws passed by these mostly wealthy white men, the legislature and governor are secure in the knowledge that if anyone they care about needs to terminate a pregnancy, she’ll be able to afford to visit a safe, clean facility wherever it’s located. That’s not true for so many N.C. women.

This legislation should be seen for what it is: another attack on the least privileged for whom this law will be a genuine barrier to choice and for whom there will be few social services remaining once their children are born.

Jeff Langenderfer


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