Peter H. Klopfer: Protesting a right

July 7, 2013 

Protesting a right

I am fully committed to the principles of democracy, but with the provision that the privileges of the majority must include respect for the interests and well being of the minority.

The present N.C. legislature is ignoring this precept and abusing its power in an unprecedented fashion. It is nullifying actions that its predecessors recognized as necessary to assure the well being of all North Carolinians, by repealing the racial justice act, restricting voting opportunities and eliminating or reducing support for the unemployed, the mentally ill and the public schools.

Equally alarming is the unwillingness of legislators to meet with and discuss the consequences of their actions with their constituents and their crude rejections of appeals for hearings. Until our next scheduled elections, there appears to be no other recourse to those of us who object to the legislature’s actions than civil demonstrations of our concern.

Peter H. Klopfer, Durham

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