MaryJane Selgrade: School propaganda

July 7, 2013 

Abortion propaganda

It’s not enough that our state legislature is cutting funding in a way that will have a significant negative effect on K-12 education in this state. Now lawmakers are using our schools as vehicles for anti-abortion propaganda.

I am referring to the bill requiring that children be taught that the risk of subsequent miscarriage is greater for those who have had abortions. Even if this were true (and the medical community doesn’t believe it is), it is deceptive to provide this information without providing information on the risks of pregnancy.

For instance, according to a review of the scientific literature, the risk of death in the U.S. due to live child birth is seven times greater than the risk of death due to a medical abortion and 70 times greater than the risk due to a surgically performed abortion when it is performed up to nine weeks gestation. Likely, the risks of childbirth are greater for poor women who have limited access to health care, something our legislature does not seem concerned about.

The actions of our lawmakers are just plain frightening.

MaryJane Selgrade, Raleigh

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