David A. Smith: Let local governments govern

July 8, 2013 

Let locals govern

I have no problem with the proposed 751 South development but have a big problem with the state’s forcing Durham to supply services to areas outside the city and forcing the city to annex property that will pose a financial hardship on its residents. We elect local officials, and they should make decisions on local issues. If we don’t like those decisions then we vote the rascals out.

I am fairly conservative in my views and voted for both Mitt Romney and Pat McCrory. This type of top-down government is certainly not what I would expect from a Republican General Assembly. What happened to the government that rules best rules least?

North Carolina has more important issues than local development. I hope that our state legislators will leave local decisions local and not infringe on local government’s ability to control its own borders, services and financial decisions.

David A. Smith

Chairman, Friends of Durham


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