Geoffrey Stephens: Merging madness

July 8, 2013 

Merging madness

A recent proposal by the DOT to incorporate “metered merging” stop lights on entrance ramps to our highways is the most asinine idea yet. Every driver who has driven on a limited-access highway knows that it is much easier and less disruptive to traffic flow to have the longest possible acceleration lane – yes, that is what they are called because that is their purpose.

The best acceleration lanes are those that originate with the on-ramp and continue indefinitely –like there used to be at the interchange of U.S. 1 and I-40 until that was eliminated in the DOT project of expanding the number of lanes west of that interchange.

To put a stop light on the acceleration lane defeats the intended purpose of the lane. Having to stop anywhere on that lane requires one to drag race to get from 0 to 65+ in the short distance. That requires muscle car acceleration, tons more gas and impossible chances of matching the speed of the through-traffic before the lane runs out.

The DOT needs to use common sense!

Geoffrey Stephens


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