Tobi Schwartzman: Seeing is believing

July 9, 2013 

Seeing is believing

In response to Marc Landry’s July 3 column “Health insurer’s impunity”: I love submitting my family’s eyeglass claims each year. We submit them via paper because the optometrist does not file for us. We are entitled to $200 each year per person. Each year the second lens of the eyeglasses gets denied as a duplicate claim.

Each time I call the insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and explain that eyeglasses have two lenses and that the second lens is not a duplicate. Each year I am told “that is how the claim was input into the system.” Each year I say that they have a training issue because they put it into their system. I guess they are just trying to see whether we are reading our Explanation of Benefits and will call. Eventually they pay.

It is more than coincidence if it happens each year, multiple times per year. Just another way to get out of paying a valid claim.Good thing I have two lenses to read my EOBs.

Tobi Schwartzman, Cary

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